Couple Finds Cat in Debris of Home Destroyed by Arkansas Tornado

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Photo by Rick McFarland/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


Many pets have been reported missing and some have been found dead in recent days as destructive and deadly tornadoes swept through the US Midwest and South.  As is always the case in the aftermath of a tornado, affected pets become very disoriented by the experience and by the drastically changed appearance of their neighborhoods.  Cats are more difficult to find than dogs because they tend to hide, though they typically stay fairly close to their former homes.

Teela and Matt Baxter’s home was destroyed by the deadly tornado that hit Vilonia, Arkansas and nearby towns Sunday night.  The couple, who were not at home when the tornado came though, returned to the site on Aspen Creek Dr. in Vilonia on Monday to witness the damage and sift through the debris. They experienced a moment of high emotion when Matt pulled their cat Pete from the rubble alive.




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