Couple Call 911 When Held Hostage By Their Cat

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Image source: Felinest via
Image source: Felinest via

A Wisconsin couple called the police when their cat had a bit of a meltdown. The couple felt that they were being held hostage by their cat and called 911 for help. The call, according to cbs58, stated, “This is gonna sound like a strange question but we have a cat and it’s going crazy and it attacked my husband and we’re kind of hostage in our house and we’re just wondering who we should call to do something, get rid of the cat or help us.”

The cat was captured and is now in the custody of the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. Neither the woman nor her husband were seriously injured in the process. No further information has been released about the cat’s condition or about a potential cause of the event.

When cats exhibit unusual behavior, one of the potential concerns is that the cat may have rabies. Rabies has neurological effects and can cause all animals to act unusually. Many states require that cats and dogs be vaccinated for rabies each year to help prevent the spread of this deadly and devastating disease.

Let’s hope that the cause of the cat’s unusual behavior can be found.

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