Couple and Their Cat Teach Frightened Kitten to Trust

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When they first saw him, the little black kitten on their porch was so frightened he ran away every time they approached. It took a lot of love and a cat named Jingle to teach the lonely kitten to trust.

Reddit user StockmanBaxter shared the inspiring transformation of this scared kitten in a series of photos. “I got home from work and saw a kitten on our front porch,” StockmanBaxter said. “(I) took a step toward him, but he bolted behind our house. I walked through our neighbor’s yard, saw him in their garden, and then he disappeared.”

The scared little guy never left, though. The next morning, there he was sleeping on the welcome mat. “We tried to approach him, but he ran again. I went around one side of the house, and my wife went around the other. We were able to catch him this time.” They put him in the garage with food and water, and got a good look at him. He was covered in fleas and mites. So they took him to the vet. He needed a name, so Jedi it was.

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At first he would hide whenever they came in the room and only eat when they left, even though he was famished. Finally, he took his first bites of cat food while sitting with a friendly human. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

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In the meantime, Jingle the cat was getting curious about the new guy hiding in the garage.

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Finally it was time to meet the kitten and Jingle was eager to say hello. “We cracked [the door] open one morning so she could see him for the first time. She meowed at him and he actually meowed back! (This was the first time we heard him make any noise.)”

“The cat conversation continued and it’s like a switch was flipped. He instantly started meowing, purring, snuggling, eating, etc. with us around.”

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Jingle made the new guy feel right at home and pretty soon they were all one big family. “My legs would fall asleep before he felt like getting off my lap. ”

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Jedi is no longer frightened and is now a part of the family.

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“Never thought we’d be the proud owners of 3 cats, but now we can’t imagine our lives without them.” Welcome home, Jedi.

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