Coroner fights to keep office therapy cat

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Lexington County South Carolina Coroner Margret Fisher wants to keep a kitten on duty at her office as a therapy cat but the County Council wants kitty gone.

Fisher speaks warmly of the way kitty is able to soothe and comfort people visiting her office in very difficult circumstances, when they know someone close to them has died or are about to learn that someone close to them has died.

“It’s been good for everyone, including us,” Fisher told The State. “She changes the outlook of people.”

“Anything we can do to take their mind off their problems and their sadness, we’ll do it,” she added.

Little Morticia, as she has been named, is kept in the office area behind glass windows and only greets people up close when they ask to meet her. She is gentle, is spayed, does not roam, has been vet checked and is up-to-date on her shots.

Morticia took up residence at the Coroners Office after Fisher’s husband found her wandering as a stray in a wooded area last spring.

Despite the responsible way in which she is kept and cared-for, the County officials who want her removed from the coroners office cite concerns over allergies, scratches and bites, along with possible liabilities. Not entirely heartless in their position, those opposed to Morticia’s presence in the coroner’s office say they would like for Fisher to find her a good home.

Fisher is making an appeal to the nine member County Council, seeking an exception to a rule that forbids pets from being kept in county buildings. The matter is not expected to be considered for a few weeks.

Fisher says she was told Morticia’s presence violates an ordinance but she has not been able to find the ordinance.

“If they vote it down, then she goes,” Fisher said. “She’ll go on to another life.”

Fisher talks about Morticia and the positive effect she has had on staff and visitors to her office in the video below:

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