Corduroy is named World’s Oldest Living Cat

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Guinness World Records has named 26-year old Corduroy as its current official recordholder for Worlds Oldest Living Cat.

This week, Guinness World Records has confirmed that Corduroy is its officially designated oldest cat living after he recently turned 26 years old – an impressive age considering domesticated cats have an average lifespan of 15 years.

The record-breaking feline previously held the record back in 2014, but lost out when the owners of Tiffany Two submitted a claim for the title. With Tiffany Two sadly recently passing away at the amazing age of 27 years, 2 months and 20 days, the record is now back in the hands of Corduroy.

Born on August 1 1989, Corduroy and his owner Ashley Reed Okura (USA) have been companions since he was a tiny kitten and she was just seven years old.

On learning about her beloved pet’s achievement, Ashley said, “We are thrilled! I bought Corduroy a mouse to celebrate … it is wonderful to share him with the world.”

Several cats have made news in recent months as their owners have pointed out their great age, but Guinness chooses the official oldest cat based on their own requirements for documentation.

Watch the Guinness records Spotlight video on Corduroy:







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