Conversation with Claudia Tietze, on Tiny Timmy’s Healing Journey and Dirty Flea Soap

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Tiny Timmy, the cat that inspired a crusade.
Tiny Timmy, the cat that inspired a crusade


Petmom and animal health and safety advocate Claudia Tietze spoke with Kathleen Nelson Troyer of the Gently Moving Forward show on Blog Talk Radio last night, in an interesting and informative segment on the hazards of the toxic chemicals in some flea treatments and Claudia’s efforts to protect both people and pets, and to provide safe alternatives to harmful products.

Claudia discusses her experiences as the guardian to a neurologically impaired pet, and tells how she learned that her pet was just one of many harmed or killed by harmful yet readily available flea treatment products.  Claudia explains how she found along the way that substances banned for human use were being used in pet products. This realization led to her activism, which includes high level meetings with US Government Agency officials and actual progress made toward the protection of our pets.  Earlier this year, advocates saw a partial victory when manufacturers agreed to discontinue some harmful flea collars (see our March 14, 2014 post, Harmful Flea Collars to be Discontinued).

Claudia is currently raising funds at Indegogo to launch her Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea soap in exchange for some cool perks. We link to the fundraiser and give some info on the project in or post from last week, Tiny Timmy Expands Pet Safety Campaign with Safe Flea Soap.

Claudia also talks about the online community of friends and fellow advocates.


You can listen to the entire Tiny Timmy’s Healing Journey and Dirty Flea Soap broadcast here:

“Join Kat as she welcomes Claudia Tietze to the Gently Moving Forward show. In 2009 Claudia rescued Timmy, a kitten who had neurolgical damage due to over the counter flea and tick products. Timmy has good days and bad days. He still has tremors, seizures and GI issues, and wobbles when he walks. Claudia has created a community to educate people on the damages of over the counter flea and tick products at Tiny Timmy’s Healing Journey group on Facebook.

“We will talk about Timmy’s healing journey and Claudia’s inspiration to create Dirty Flea Soap, a non-toxic soap for cats, dogs and humans. If you have a pet or know someone who does, you don’t want to miss this episode!”



Learn more and get involved – or at least share if you’d like to help – here:

Indegogo Fundraising Campaign page : Non-Toxic Dirty Flea Soap for Dogs, Cats, Kids, Humans & Planet


See also, our 2o11 post, Tiny Timmy: He’s never going to be the cat he was born to be.



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  1. Using over the counter flea and tic meds are so dangerous. Using the alternative soap Dirty Flea Soap!

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