Concerned Animal Lovers Use Social Media to Rescue Kitten from Busy Highway

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Photos via Frisky Paws Rescue at Facebook


Frisky Paws Rescue of Houston, Texas saved a cat huddled in a dangerous spot on the highway, in part through networking on its Frisky Paws Rescue Facebook page.

Monica Myers posted at Facebook Thursday night, saying:

“PLEASE Help! There is a small brown tabby cat stranded on I10 at the 610 north exit ramp. It’s been there for 24 hours and I don’t have the resources to save it and BARC and the SCPA are all closed. Is there a rescue group I can contact that can help this poor baby?! Please share! This kitty is wedged up against the left side beam holding up the 610 direction signs. Please let me know if anyone can help!!!”

Several people shared the post and a woman named Lili Elatar went out in her pajamas to try to help the little cat. After midnight, she was finally able to lure the kitty out of hiding with a can of sardines.

“I grabbed the kitten with my bare hands and jumped down to the shoulder into my car and we both drove off to safety,” Lili told KHOU news in an email. “It was extremely scary for me as a person to be out there, and I can’t begin to imagine being 3-5 pounds and helpless out there for days without any food or water and left in the rain.”

The kitty, now called Flash, is safe and sound in the care of Frisky Paws. Though skinny, he is healthy and suffered only minor scrapes from whatever brought him onto the busy highway.

Frisky Paws has made a few updates on flash at Facebook, where a number of their fans and friends  followed along as the call to rescue went out. They wrote on Friday:

“Late last night/early this morning a rescuer made a second attempt at rescuing this little guy and was successful! He was stranded at the base of the 610 exit sign on the barrier between the ramp and I10 eastbound for about two days. Today he will be visiting Cat Veterinary Clinic to be examined, combo tested, and treated for whatever he may need. Despite his traumatic experience, he is still trusting of humans and a total love bug!”

“Flash was examined and appears to be a healthy but skinny 6 month old kitten! He sure is small for 6 months, but is thoroughly enjoying his food. He does have several abrasions on his legs, face, and his paw pads have some rawness. They are expected to heal just fine and he doesn’t seem painful. Flash is FeLV and FIV negative and also was dewormed and vaccinated today!”











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