Community Pitches In After Moline IL Shelter Fire

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Cats ran through the door of the Animal Aid Humane Society and into the night during the fire of 1/30. Volunteers found most of the cats, and the search for the others continues.

Callie, rescued by Elizabeth on 1/30

Shelter volunteers and community members have searched for missing cats and otherwise come to the aid of the Animal Aid Humane Society since the devastating fire of January 30 that killed several beloved long-time special needs residents, traumatized other cats, and made the compassionate no-kill shelter’s building uninhabitable until extensive repairs are made.

We reported on the fire in Shelter Fire Sends Cats Running Into The Night: Search Continues For the Missing on January 31 in the immediate aftermath, as shelter staffers spent the day coping with the loss of those animals who succumbed to the fire while organizing the search for the missing.

As of this writing, several cats have been found and safely captured, while four cats are still missing and the search continues.

Dusty, with his rescuer Erin

On a sad note, Tebow, the cat given emergency aid with an oxygen mask by a firefighter at the scene, seemed to be recovering but took a downturn and passed away.

Some animals remain in the care of the county shelter, while others are temporarily housed at a Moline storefront operated by shelter director Vickie Sanders and her husband. The city stepped up to help in an old-fashioned neighborly way by granting permission for the cats to be cared for at the store.

Hallie, spotted, while hiding, by her rescuer Yvonne

Hallie, rescued

Local resident Ashley Pakula wrote in response to our earlier story with an appeal,saying “If you can donate anything, whether it be 1 dollar or 5 dollars, I am asking you to please help them. The shelter needs new wiring, new carpeting, new paint, all of which is going to cost up to $30,000, and of course there’s also vet bills for the cats currently at the vet, as well as more food and water. Please help if possible. I’m not asking you to donate 10 or more dollars, just a few. Please.
You can donate directly to the shelter through the website, Animal Aid Humane Society.”

45 cats were vaccinated and moved on Feb. 6

AAHS is taking care of the cats, fundraising, and preparing to repair the shelter, all of which, for a small organization, must be a huge undertaking. They are conducting adoptions on a small scale in the meanwhile.

You can learn more and follow their progress at the Animal Aid Humane Society Facebook page.

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