Comet’s Rescue

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Canopy Cat Rescue has come to the rescue of many cats trapped in the treetops of the greater Tacoma-Seattle-Olympia region of Washington state, but the team’s Tom Otto recently made one save with a connection close to home, when he helped the family of his daughter’s school classmate.

Canopy Cat Rescue told the story at Facebook on Febrary 27, saying:

“Today we had the pleasure of rescuing Comet in Fall City. This sweet kitty reminded us what a small world it is sometimes; after talking to Comet’s owner for a bit, we realized our daughters were classmates. As I climbed up to Comet, who had been stuck in a neighbor’s tree for 3 days, she started to rub up against the tree…this is a great sign of a friendly kitty who is excited to see me! After a few kisses and snuggles, I lowered Comet down to her owner in the bag. We usually climb down with the kitty, but I had to do a little rope trickery after I reached her, so it was better to send her down. When Comet got out of the cat bag she happily polished off a bunch of food…and our daughters’ class enjoyed the rescue story today!”


Watch the rescue in this helmetcam video that give a real feel of what it’s like way up high in the tree:





Canopy Cat Rescue’s Shaun Sears and Tom Otto are professional arborists and cat lovers who have joined their skills with their compassion for cats  to help cats and their families. The pair have chosen not to charge a flat fee for their services, instead opting to accept donations, to ensure that all cats have an opportunity to be rescued. As Canopy Conservation, the pair specialize in habitat creation and monitoring in tree canopies.


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