Colorado Walmart to Evict Garden Center Cats

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A crew of cats who live at the Atascocita Walmart in Colorado are being evicted by the store’s management, who say they will be relocated.

The three garden center cats are spayed females, and have been cared for by cat rescuer Sandy Murray, who told the Houston Chronicle that she has fed three female cats for the last five years, and used Trap-Neuter-Return grants to get them spayed.

Recently, Walmart told Murray the cats were no longer welcome, according to the Houston Chronicle.

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Murray plans to trap the cats, take them home and socialize them so they can be adopted. She has named them Cute Face, Funny Face and Pretty Face. She said they have not caused any problems.

“We always are very discreet,” Murray said. One local Walmart customer, Lisa Perry, says she likes the cats, and has started a social media campaign to keep them. But so far Walmart is not swayed.

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A Walmart spokesman released the following statement: “”We are committed to providing our customers and associates with a clean, pleasant shopping and working experience. We are working with a third party animal rescue team to safely relocate the cats.” (For more details, read the entire Houston Chronicle online article.)

Across the street, Walmart store, Tin Roof BBQ is home to several outside cats. “We’ve never had any rodent problem and we’ve never had a snake problem,” said restaurant manager Breck Webberhe. He checked with a health department official to make sure the felines would not pose an issue for the restaurant. The health department agrees that the cats, which stay outdoors, can be helpful with rodent and snake control, Webber said.

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  1. I can honestly say,, the cats is the only reason I would even go to Walmart!!! Leave them be, maybe they will clean that store up!!!

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