Cloudy the kitten gets new lease on life after first of its kind heart surgery

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Four month old Cloudy was found wandering the streets in Bromsgrove UK and taken to the Bromsgrove Blue Cross animal centre in Catshill where a loud heart murmer led to a diagnosis of a rare heart condition. He was transferred to a Blue Cross animal hospital in London where a first of its kind, delicate  life-saving operation was performed after x-ray and ultrasound tests showed that Cloudy was born with a malformed heart that was unable to pump blood through his body properly, putting him in danger of a very early death.  Cloudy’s heart was twice the size it should have been, yet he was small for his age.

Veterinary surgeon Young Shin said of Cloudy’s case, “It’s very rare to see this condition in a cat and Cloudy was the first one we have performed this operation on, although we have done similar procedures with dogs in the past. Basically, the plumbing of Cloudy’s heart was all wrong. Instead of blood being pumped around his body, as it should have been, some was being pumped back into his heart and lungs. As a growing young cat this would soon lead to heart failure so he would not have reached adulthood without the operation.”

After the successful procedure, Cloudy is back at the Bromsgrove centre and awaiting adoption.

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