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11 year old Maine Coon cat Zeus had a face to face encounter with a young mountain lion who came to the glass door of his Boulder CO home. The meeting is documented in a series of photos.

The young mountain lion came to the glass doors on the deck of Gail Loveman’s home last Thursday, October 13. Indoor cat Zeus calmly kept up his part of the staring match and did not back down when the big cat snarled. After about 5 minutes the mountain lion turned and left, stopping to pose with a sculpture of a mountain lion just beyond the deck before meeting up with a bigger cat, presumed to be the mother.

As noted above, Zeus does not go outside. Ms. Loveman says she has not seen mountain lions around her home at any other time, but she will be cautious when going outside from now on.

Photos by Gail Loveman.

21 thoughts on “Close Encounter”

  1. Gail, have you considered removing the statue of the mountain lion; which may be the reason they are there in the first place?

  2. Mountain lions are going to come down out of the mountains when there is not enough food or water for them. They do not normally bother people. It is a hazard of living in the mountains. After all, this was their property long before we intruded.

  3. what gorgeous animals and she is lucky to get to see them up close.Good thing she keeps her cat inside. We intruded on their area and we must be kind when they come about. same with coyotes, racoons, opposums etc. remember we are the intruders not them!

  4. HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!!! Wild animals don’t recognize themselves in statues, and statues are not going to “attract” them. They are attracted to food. Thanks for the good laugh, though.

  5. Oh really! I had no idea where eggs or beef came from until I read this. Thank you so much. Of course, I just crawled out from under a rock last week. I am sure those cougars came to your land because they were driven from wherever they were before. Cougars don’t just appear out of no where ( cougars breed with each other and give birth to little cougars.)

  6. I’m sure the cougars probably lived there before the original ranch was built, therefore, yes an infringment on their space. It probably took this long for them to feel comfortable about coming back! WE all infringed on the lives of wildlife when we built houses and buildings, etc. Obviously, if they inhabited the land before we did, we infringed, not them!!!

  7. It isn’t important to me whether we were here first or they were (if they were it was in the 1700’s). It is important that they threaten our livestock and our lives if we encounter them. I’m always impressed that when they get on the edge of a city there is panic but when they come near our rural homes that is just them looking for a food supply.

  8. Good for you S Spencer. “Those people moan and complain big time when their groceries go up never wondering what people went through to produce their food! Just hang in there, you’re way outnumbered by the tree-huggers in Colorado. I could’ve used some nasty language too to make my point, but you are right – the language nowadays leads us to wonder what the world is coming to???

  9. If using inappropriate language means “the dark ages” than I clearly belong there by choice and being raised to respect other people! As far as worrying about 11-11-11, I’m not the one who should be worried!! Just saying…..

  10. Well as usual the comments go off topic, go insulting, and show why one should skip the “(wo)man in street interviews” It is just a pic of a kitty and cougar.and not a discussion of superstitious based hate and ignorance.

  11. Your comments demonstrates an inability to comprehend the natural world outside of your existence. No rational person can argue against the fact that animals were there first. I just hope there are too many people like you out there. It’s not all about you. You are just a tiny micro-molecule in the universe and you are acting like you are somehow more deserving than anyone or anything (incl animals).

    Go read a book you ignorant fool.

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