City Funds Costs of Rescued Cats

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Should a city have to cover the costs incurred by a mass cat rescue…or should those responsible for the abuse and neglect have to pay? In one recent Plattsburgh, New York case, the city paid the thousands of dollars in costs required to bring dozens of cats to safety.

Last month the city removed 49 dead and neglected cats from a home and released the live cats to Eagle’s Nest Veterinary Hospital for medical care and six weeks of boarding.  Although Dr. Erik Eaglefeather provided his services at a discounted rate, the final bill reached nearly $15,000.

Mayor Donald Kasprzak indicated his strong interest in creating an ordinance that would establish accountability on the owner’s part when charges result from abuse and neglect cases; he is currently researching that option.  In the end, the council agreed to withdraw money from the city’s general fund to pay the costs associated with the cats’ rescue, for the time being releasing those who housed the cats in an unsafe environment from any financial responsibility.

Yesterday the St. John Feral Cat Fund took phone calls, hoping to find forever homes for the cats still at Eagle’s Nest.  Thankfully, many of the cats have already been adopted.  Those interested in adopting one of the remaining rescued cats can contact the Cat Fund at 581-534-0824 or visit their page on Petfinder.

7 thoughts on “City Funds Costs of Rescued Cats”

  1. If hoarders or neglectful people would be banned from owning animals(England do this) and fined or jailed then the hoarders would get the message that they are committing a crime and that they will be held accountable for their actions. Too many of these people are seen as helpless but too many of them have to know that they are wrong for treating animals the way that they do. I think that they should be accountable and their property siezed to pay for the wrong that they have done to innocent animals. If there is no money then yes the city can help pay. But I have seen some these people on the Animal Planet and they have acres of land. Seize and sell the property for the damages and that will send a clear message.

  2. cats are the most amazing animals I know about and they are the only one`s to make me happy and give me pleasure. Should I one time see a person doing something wrong to them, harm them – beleave me – I come to do the same to this monsters. Every animal – even cats – are always innocent about everything. It`s only human which do so often wrong and horrable things.

  3. Hoarding has a mental health base…I think they need to spend the money to find out what kind of folks are most likely to hoard and go from there..

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