City Considers Curfew for Cats

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(Photo: The Herald Sun Leader)

A city in Australia is considering a curfew for cats and is looking for feedback from the public.

Along with the cat curfew, the city of Knox is also studying whether to make desexing of dogs compulsory, according to a report in the Herald Sun Leader. At issue is the growing problem of dogs and cats breeding out of control, and also cats hunting and killing native wildlife, according to the report.

A CAT curfew and the compulsory desexing of dogs are being considered as the city council l reviews ordinances aimed at management of domestic animals. Knox is a city located near Melbourne.

The council has put up signs in its civic center asking citizens if they support a cat curfew, and urges people to provide feedback. Mayor Darren Pearce told the Herald Sun that keeping cats indoors at set hours could make a difference. “You wouldn’t let dogs roam free, so why should you allow cats to do the same thing?”

“They really do take a toll on our local native wildlife which we are working very hard to encourage and regenerate.” So far the city council has not explained how the curfew would work of how it would be enforced.

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