Chinese Activists On Trial Following Attack On Alleged Animal Torturers

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Cats in market place
Caged cats at Chinese market. Photograph: AP

There has been a series of horrid and graphic online videos which show the torturing of cats and dogs that riled up a group of animal activists in China to the point they lured the suspected perpetrators into the forest.

Trial began this week in Shanghai against six Chinese activists.  The two victims had been identified as being behind the frightening videos and the group wanted to punish them.  One woman threw a cat litter and feces mixture at them.  Another cut all the hair from their heads using scissors.  In spite of one of the vigilantes realizing these men were not their intended target, the riled activists continued and force-fed their targets cat excrement, according to the Global Times newspaper.

The vigilantes are repentant, with the Shanghai Daily reporting the victims have forgiven four of the attackers following receipt of cash payments, compensation for their injuries.  Still the group is on trial for charges that can carry a jail sentence up to five years.

One of the activists, the women who had created the rather pungent cocktail, did tell the court she regretted her assault, citing “I feel guilty about the attack. As an animal rights activist, I should protect not only animals, but also human beings,” as reported by

This extremely strong response to the current rash of incidents follows similar severely brutal videos dating back as early as 2009.  These videos have shown a variety of torture to both cats and dogs, including a 2011 video that went viral of a woman drowning a cat in a puddle in Beijing and a university student blowing up a cat in 2009.

The verdict is expected next week in the case of the animal activists.

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  1. Bless them! Someone had to make a stand with these nasty abusers! good on them! and if the activists get 5 years it will be much more than the abusers would ever get! the hell with asians out of china…

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