Child Rescues Cat From Abusive Household

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Figaro escaped an abusive home and will get a new life thanks to the compassion and bravery of a child also living in that abusive home. The child rescued the injured cat and raced to a neighbor ‘s house for help.

We are sharing Figaro’s story, sad as it is, to highlight the good act of the child who saved him, and the positive outcome that Figaro will soon be available to go to a better home where he can receive the love and kindness he deserves.

The 2 year old tuxedo cat was removed from a Midwest City, OK household where two adults hurt him by a child also living in the household. Figaro (kitty’s new name) is being assisted by Ms. Kitty’s Cat Rescue and is in the care of All Hours Animal Hospital, both in greater Oklahoma City, OK. While his doctors say Figaro will suffer permanent damage from his injuries, he is already happier and will soon be ready to go to a loving home with a responsible person who will properly care for and cherish him.

Midwest City Animal Welfare is investigating the case. There is no word in this news report  on whether the child is being protected from retribution at the hands of the adults in the household.


Report on Figaro from earlier this week:

7 thoughts on “Child Rescues Cat From Abusive Household”

  1. I wish they would have praised the child a little bit more in the news story. The kid was the real hero, imagine what would have ended up happening to the poor kitty if that child hadnt stepped in! Im so happy Figaro is safe and being cared for brings tears to my eyes.

  2. I hope that child is no longer in that house either! They do this to an animal, the kid can’t be far behind. What a shame he had to witness this. Lord knows what they’ve done to him already. String ’em up!

  3. Concerned for the child’s welfare as well. Just goes to show that there is still pure love in this world, for a young child to risk probably a ferocious beating to save an animal from continued abuse. If the adults don’t have the animal to abuse you all know who will get it. I hope the child is pulled and maybe gets another chance at life as well. A huge thank you to this brave child and may the powers that be in this universe forever smile down on you and protect you little brave one.

  4. So is anything being done about the people who did this to Figaro? Surely they are not going to get off scott free

  5. I wonder if those hateful “parents” were abusing poor Figaro because the child liked him and they were doubly sadistic in wanting to upset the child as well as hurt the cat. I hope the cat goes to a fantastic loving home and the child is taken away from that terrible environment too. Those adults should not be around kids or animals.ever. They deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law. The child should have been praised more in the news coverage.

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