Chihuahua Lucy Liu adopts second pair of foster kittens

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A Chihuahua dog who surprised her petmom earlier this year by adopting and nursing a pair of foster kittens has adopted another batch of kittens.

Lucy Liu, whose story we shared on April 7, in Chihuahua adopts 2 foster kittens, is back in the news as her first two foster babies are ready for adoption and she has appointed herself on mommy duty for some new kittens.

Lucy Liu’s petmom, Jamie Henion, of Suffern , NY, is a vet tech at Haverstraw Animal Hospital and a volunteer for Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona. Even though she had never had pppies, Lucy Liu, immediately took over motherly duties for the first foster kittens, Boo and Sully, as soon as they entered her home, nursing them, cuddling them, and being very protective.

With Boo and Sully growing up, and old enough to find their forever homes, Jamie brought a new group of foster kittens home and Lucy Liu adopted them, too.

Jamie told the Journal News that Lucy Liu still cuddles and cares for Boo and Sully in a motherly way even though they have graduated to solid foods. She said Lucy Liu is unspayed because of a health concern over anesthesia, and speculated that her heat cycle may have contributed to her milk coming in and her immediate and devoted motherliness.

The Journal News revisted Lucy Liu, Jamie and the kittens for the update to her story last week.

Jamie is quoted saying: “I took (the kittens) home with the intention of bottle-feeding them. And my dog was just very curious and getting closer and closer to them,” Henion said, recalling Lucy Lu’s first encounter with the days-old kittens. “I kept pushing her away, … but she was so persistent, and she started licking them.”

Hi Tor board member Nixie Gueits told the paper: “When dogs or cats are pregnant and have their own babies, they take babies of other species. That’s not unusual. This little animal was stimulated by whatever hormones inside of her, and she started to produce milk without being pregnant. Nature is really amazing.”

Speaking of the shelter’s littlest volunteer, Lucy Liu, Nixie said: “She’s doing an amazing job. She might be the littlest volunteer, but she has the biggest heart and the biggest commitment.”

Lucy Liu new kittens are 5-week-old Garfield and 10-week-old Quicksilver.

“She’s a mommy,” Jamie told the Journal News. “She’s just doing everything she can, and I was just blown away.”

The black kittens in the photos are Boo and Sully. The orange and grey kittens are her new little charges.







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