Chihuahua Gets To Keep The Kitten She Adopted

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We wrote about Layla, the Racine WI chihuahua who adopted an abandoned kitten, in Chihuahua Makes A Kitten Her Pup, posted August 4.  The remarkable dog had never had a litter of her own but developed milk to nurse her little charge.  The local news video included in that story tells us that the kitten was developing some doglike traits, and the pair were strongly bonded to an unusual degree.

Jillanne Rodeman and Jeremy Dale English originally called the kitten Holler, for his insistent voice, but have since renamed him Pistol Pete, for his spunky personality. His puppydog traits have continued. Jillanne laughed when talking to the local paper again recently. “He’s a puppy cat. A cuppy. He thinks he’s part dog,” she told the Journal Times.

Jillanne spoke of Layla’s continued devotion to her baby and said the dog would go so far as to pee on Jillane’s bed when she couldn’t find Pete.

Despite their dog’s extraordinary attachment to her kitten, the family originally planned to rehome Pete when he was about three months old, and they found an adopter.  That time has come, but Pete is not going anywhere; the family has decided to give him a forever home. Layla can keep her cuppy.

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