Chihuahua adopts 2 foster kittens

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Two foster kittens are getting devoted and loving care from a Chihuahua dog who has decided she is their mother.

Vet tech Jamie Apful is fostering Boo and Sully for Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona, New York. The 10 week old siblings were found, seemingly abandoned and without their mother, by a south Nyack resident who brought them to the shelter.

Jamie’s dog, Lucy Liu, immediately took over motherly duties for the kittens as soon as they entered her home. Lucy Liu nurses the kittens, cuddles them and is very protective.

The kittens are doing well, and it’s being said that the greatest challenge will be separating them from their surrogate mother when they are ready for adoption.

The kittens will be available for adoption at the Hi Tor Animal Care Center in Pomona in four to six weeks.

See Lucy Liu with her kittens here in a news story and in raw footage further below:


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