Cheers, Kitty? Warning: Imbibing With Your Pet is Not an Option

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With St. Patrick’s Day looming and many preparing to hoist green beer during the celebration, it is important to remember that alcohol is dangerous for pets.  In fact, both the ASPCA and PetMD caution pet owners to beware of sharing any libations with their furry pals.

PetMD says of alcohol, “Yes, cats too can get drunk, but it can also easily cause severe liver and brain damage. As little as a tablespoon can put an adult cat in a coma; a little more can kill her.” The ASPCA has an Animal Poison Control Center that should be called as soon as possible at (888) 426-4435 if a pet accidentally drinks or is given beer, wine, or any type of liquor.

Enjoy your holiday, but remember, don’t drink and drive, and, please, don’t permit your beloved pets to have any alcohol.



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