Check Out This Cool Campaign to Encourage Fostering

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There is a clever and cute ad campaign out by Azrael’s Place that is trying unique ways to get the word out about their good work and, hopefully, collect a few fosters along the way. Their goal is to encourage people to meet the “purrfriends,” of Azrael’s Place, and maybe, just maybe, they will fall in love with fostering and providing some of the many deserving cats and kittens in their care with the foster homes they need as the prepare for their forever homes.

Here is what the organization shares on its Facebook page, as they reach out into the community:

Kitten season is here!
Consider fostering to save their life!


YES! you can do! EVERYONE CAN DO!

– email [email protected] and we will mail you 7 “looking for Fosters” postcards. 
Place postcards at any place that you frequent
Jewel, Whole Foods, Laundry, Library, Beauty Salon, Village hall, community board…or just give to your neighbors

– share this post with 7 of your friends and ask them to share as well. 
Yes we know, Your friends might be little upset with you for sharing those cats again, but if it saves ONE life wouldn’t it be worth it?

– have another idea how to reach out to community? let us know!

For more information visit:

It’s a grassroots way to try and start a fostering movement.

And have you considered fostering? Here are some great reasons that may inspire you.  Hot Chicks and Cool Dudes are wanted!



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