Chassis,Staten Island Kitten, is Rescued From Car Engine in Two Hour Team Effort

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Public safety and parking services officers, auto mechanics, and the woman driving all worked to free a frightened kitten that had taken a harrowing ride in a car’s engine compartment. The kitten now has a home with the woman whose car he was trapped in.

Free, after a terrifying ride and a two hour rescue effort.

 Staten Island, NY resident Victoria Feldman heard a terrible cry that she recognized as that of a cat in distress coming from under the hood of her car as she drove to the College of Staten Island on the morning of May 17.  Knowing the awful result possible when a cat gets caught in a car engine, she was afraid to open the hood.

Victoria saw public safety officer, Gregory Rodriguez patrolling the parking lot and asked for his help. Gregory opened the hood and saw a dirty, tiny kitten, uninjured, but meowing for help.

Removing the kitten was no easy matter, and required the assistance of  several others, including officers, parking services personel and auto mechanics. The car was jacked up, tires were removed, and the frightened kitten ended up lodged behind the gas tank. Eventually someone was able to grab the kitten’s leg, and Gregory Rodriguez was able to get a hold of the neck and free the kitten from the car.

The rescue took eight people and two hours.

Victoria Feldman took the kitten home to help it get over the ordeal and to see if it belonged to someone in her neighborhood. When no one claimed the kitten, she decided to keep him, and has named him Chassis. Chassis has gotten over his misadventure and has settled in nicely in his new home.


Officer Gregory Rodriguez  helps calm the frightened kitten.


Chassis, happy in his new home.




<via> Photos, Victoria Feldman

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