Chariman Waffles: Special Kitty Ready For a Home After Facial Surgery

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Michigan Humane Society photo


The Michigan Humane Society says that a sweet little boy who has had a rough time of it is ready to find his forever home. Mr Waffles came to MHS in September as a stray kitten, with significant damage to his face from chemical burns of unknown origin. He may have tried to eat or drink  something he should not have had. After tissue removal and reconstructive surgeries and time in a loving foster home with a veterinarian, Mr. Waffles is ready for adoption into a loving home with someone who is prepared to keep up with his ongoing care. The 10 month old boy has bonded with his foster sibling Mr. Burns, and MHS would like to see the pair remain together if possible. At least one person has come forward at Facebook offering to adopt, but there is no official word on an adoption.

Mr. Burns makes an appearance in the second video below.

MHS made the following adoption announcement at Facebook on Wednesday:

This special boy needs a very special home. Waffles is an adorable, playful and affectionate kitten. He was brought in to our Detroit Center for Animal Care as a stray. His face, nose and tongue were covered in severe chemical burns. We think that perhaps he was thirsty and got into something he shouldn’t have.

His burns were so severe that it took three surgeries since we picked him up in December to remove the dead and damaged skin and do our best to reconstruct his face. Now, you can always see his cute little pink tongue. And he loves to use it to give you kisses!

Waffles has grown quite attached to his foster brother, Mr. Burns, who is also very special. Mr. Burns has a lifelong condition that causes him to sneeze a lot and have mild nasal and ocular discharge. They would love to find a special home together! If interested, please contact Dr. Amy at [email protected]

Describing Chairman Waffles’ condition when he first arrived, MHS said in a news release, “It was a horrific sight. Burns covered the mouth, nose and face of a tiny mewing kitten.”

Spokesman Kevin Hatman said, “When he came to us, he had dead skin covering his mouth and face. We’re assuming that he got into some dangerous chemicals and tried to drink them. If he hadn’t come to MHS, he probably wouldn’t have survived outside.” Chemical burns caused “the flesh around his nose to rot and die, severely hampering his breathing.”

MHS describes Chairman Waffles as “a domestic shorthair, black and white,” who is “adorable and loves to cuddle. ”

“His burns were so bad, it took three surgeries since we he came to us in December to remove the dead and damaged skin and do our best to reconstruct his face. Still, part of it is missing now, right around his nose.  You can always see his tongue. And he loves to use it to give you kisses. Even after all he’s been through.”



News feature on Chariman Waffles and his friend Mr. Burns, from Channel 2:

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