Celeste, Rescued Mama Cat, Adopts Orphaned Kittens

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Celeste and her adopted babies.
Photo via MeoowzResQ at Facebook

MeoowzResQ, headquartered in Orange, California, cares for some of Southern California’s cats and kittens in need and adopts them into good homes. The 2014 kitten season has started already in their area, and they are taking in litters, both with and without their mamas.

A cat named Celeste, whose own kittens have found homes, is helping out by mothering an orphaned litter whose mother died.  Celeste was rescued from the high-kill Downey shelter.

MeoowzResQ shared the photo seen above of Celeste caring for her adopted babies at Facebook on April 1, saying:

“Celeste came to us from Downey shelter. She raised her own four babies who were adopted this past weekend. Celeste stepped up to help these orphans in Lake Elsinore–their mama died after giving birth. Celeste is very happy to be caring for this new bunch.”

You can see more of the organization’s current rescues and adoption success stories at the MeoowzResQ page at Facebook.


MeoowzResQ is a volunteer run non-profit organization that rescues kittens in the Southern California area and holds adoption events at several Petco locations in Orange County.

They write:”Our kittens are hand raised in private homes and many are bottle fed babies. They are sweet and socialized because they are cared for by foster parents who are dedicated to raising and finding good homes for these abused, injured, or abandoned cats.

“Our kitties come from many different situations. We often rescue kittens from the shelter that are on the brink of being put to sleep. They also come from people who have rescued them from the fires, found them on airplanes, or have found abandoned kittens that can no longer be cared for by the local animal control.”





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