Cats and Dogs: Yoga Masters Demonstrate Their Skills

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Pets are already well ahead of us humans when it comes to both flexibility and strength, so why should their mastery of yoga come as any surprise? Positions that can take what seems like eons for the novice to master are a mere toss of the leg up over the head for both our feline and canine friends.  Although they may not always embrace the tranquility that is so often associated with this form of exercise, no matter. Hard to quibble with how something is executed when it is probably something we can never envision ourselves doing with any kind of finesse.  Or without completely destroying our hamstrings.

Of course, here is the dog’s version:

Naturally, everyone wants to help out.  Getting the proper technique is extremely important and sometimes you need an aid to reach perfection. Afterall, fitness is key to good health. And so is laughing.

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