Cats Rescued From Sealed Tub in Dumpster Are Adopted Together

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Brett and Melissa of Portland with their two new cats, Hazel and Grace.
Photo via Cat Adoption Team at Facebook

Two cats whose story made the news when they were rescued from a sealed tub in a dumpster a week ago were adopted together into a good home on Friday.

As we posted in PetSmart Employee Rescues Cats in Sealed Tub From Dumpster on March 25, Hazel and Grace ended up safe and well cared for thanks to a Beaverton, OR PetSmart employee whose mother told him years earlier to always check closed containers. The employee’s family hailed from New York, and the mother had been deeply affected by a story of a baby found in a sealed container.

The two cats were left to die in an 18 gallon Rubbermaid tub in a dumpster near the pet store with trash piling up around them. The employee spotted the tub, checked inside and found the cats, then brought them into the store to be checked out at the Banfield animal hospital branch located there. The cats were turned over to the Cat Adoption Team, which happens to have an adoption location in the store.

Hazel and Grace were quickly adopted together, and are now in their forever home. According to KOIN news, their adopters chose them without having seen news coverage on the story. Brett and Melissa inquired at the shelter on Friday about donating food left over after the death of their cat and ended up adopting Hazel and Grace, who had been made available that day.

Hazel, who it was thought might be pregnant, was not. She has now been spayed. Grace was already spayed.


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