Cats on Glass Gallery Brings Attention to Adoption Through Art

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All photos: AP Images/Loren Wohl

New York City had a real kitty treat in mid-February. The Humane Society of New York partnered with event organizers from Fresh Step in their collective effort to find forever homes for the more than three million kittens and cats that are brought into shelters every year in the US and the result was a pop-up exhibit called Cats on Glass Gallery.

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The diverse exhibit, produced by local area artists, was a celebration of all things cat, including a clear “catwalk,” above the heads of visitors, and a room called “Meownaste,” where placing headphones on delivered  a guided mediation overlayed with the sound of comforting purrs.

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And, of course, there were cats available for adoption, too. One of the thoughts behind the participation of Fresh Step was to introduce their low-tracking litter formula as often people are reluctant to adopt concerned about the litter issue.  In short, breaking down the barriers to adoption.

Art and cats may be the perfect way to educate and excite potential pet owners and encourage a culture of ADOPT Don’t SHOP.

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