Cats Left Behind at Singapore Train Station

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On July 1st, the Tanjong Pagar Railway station in Singapore closed its doors, leaving behind 50 cats that were previously cared for by railway workers and tenants. One organization is making sure the deserted felines are not forgotten.

Since the final train left the tracks and the people vacated the premises, the cats — some are feral, but grew accustomed to receiving food, water, and attention from humans — roam the ghost town of the train station, empty housing units, and other former Keretapi Tana Melayu (KTM) tracks located close-by. One day they were petted and fed and the next day they were all alone, confused, and forced to fend for themselves.

A group of local advocates learned about these cats, and with the help of The Cat Welfare Society (CWS), gained the approval of the The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) to gain entrance and take care of these forgotten felines. Twice a week, two volunteers drive to the abandoned station and supply the cats with food and water.

The SLA and the Agra-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) are grateful for CWS’s efforts, but, according to their statements, prefer all the cats are trapped, sterilized and adopted into homes. CWS believes this can happen for some of the cats, but many are feral and should continue living as community cats.

Just this week, the group began live-trapping them, with hopes of sterilization and then returning a number of them to a safe place on the property where they can live as a colony. They’d like to make the ones that appear fairly domesticated available for adoption. In fact, CWS plans on having approximately ten kittens and adult cats available for adoption at Pet Safari in VivoCity on Sept 4.  Sandy Lim, one of the women helping the cats, said, “I hope that the KTM cats can be given rehabilitation space to live out their lives in a no-culling zone, within the vast railway territory.”

More information about helping these railway kitties is available on the CWS site and Facebook page. Although much of the needed aid is local, the organization is grateful for any monetary donations.

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  1. fabuous to see good things happening in a foreign country! good people all over the world!!! 🙂

  2. I’m glad that someone is still taking care of the left behind kitties. I hope they are all okay in the long run and that some hopefully find caring homes.

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