Cats found near grisly Yonkers hanging tree site are rescued and ready for homes

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A group of the Yonkers cats before their rescue.


Stray cats rescued from the area where 25 cat bodies were found hanging from trees in garbage bags in April are ready for homes where they can be safe from harm.

Anyone who saw the widely circulated photo of garbage bags holding the remains of bludgeoned cats hanging from a tree in a vacant lot in Yonkers, New York in April of this year after a public works employee made the discovery is unlikely to have forgotten the image or their reaction to it.

The SPCA of Westchester, a no-kill shelter located in Briarcliff Manor, New York, was contacted by the Yonkers Police Department after the discovery was made, and their Humane Law Enforcement Unit took charge of the investigation into the disturbing crime.

The investigation remains ongoing, and the SPCA has taken action to prevent further tragedy at the site and surrounding area by rescuing several homeless cats – both friendly and feral – to get them out of harm’s way. The SPCA is looking for placement for the rescued cats.

SPCA Executive Director Shannon Laukhuf said in a statement:

“Last [month], numerous homeless cats and kittens were rescued by the SPCA of Westchester from Overlook Terrace in Yonkers, the same location where the remains of 25 cats were discovered this past April, strung up in plastic bags hanging from a tree. Several of the cats had been bludgeoned to death.

“The cats and kittens we rescued had been living in squalid conditions in a back alley near the crime scene and have multiplied significantly in the last few months. They range from very friendly to feral. While some are more social and can be adopted into homes, it’s critical to locate barn homes or adopters who have secure outdoor structures for those cats that are not suitable or happy living inside.

“Upon arrival to the SPCA, all of the cats sadly required immediate veterinary attention for eye infections and upper respiratory ailments.”




The SPCA of Westchester is accepting donations for the Yonkers cats from those who want to help but are unable to adopt: HERE.


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