Cats Enjoying Nature

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JMC cats Miki

Featuring the exploits of four felines, Julinka, Miki, Certik, and Julinka 2, this video shares some of their experiencing nature to its fullest.

When Dusan Micek first adopted Julinka, he thought he had found and extraordinary cat.  Julinka loved to go on hikes with him and, soon, Julinka’s newly adopted brothers, Miki and Certik, came along, as well, to join in the fun of being in the outdoors with Micek.  Sadly, Julinka passed away suddenly in 2012. Enter Julinka 2, who has as much spunk as his namesake and is as eager to be outdoors as the rest of the clan.

These videos have proven quite popular in the Czech Republic and Micek says, “My goal is to enjoy freedom and show cats are happy in their natural environment, not as a mere domestic household pets.”

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