Cats Cats Cats: The Whiskered Face Of The Joplin Humane Society Tornado Shelter

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Slideshow of cats at the emergency Tornado shalter annex in the care of the Joplin MO Humane Society. As of last Friday nearly 1000 pets had been rescued and almost 300 had been reunited with their families. The shelter is caring for animals whose families are unable to house them at present along with those  animals who are missing  from or have lost their families.

The following slideshow includes photos published by JHS on June 1 to give the public an inside view of the facility’s cattery section.

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0 thoughts on “Cats Cats Cats: The Whiskered Face Of The Joplin Humane Society Tornado Shelter”

  1. Of the remaining animals who are still at JHS, how many are being temporarily sheltered, or how many do not have a resolved home? I am so grateful for the work to reunite the roughly 300 success stories.

  2. I hope these kitties get reunited with their humans. For the humans as much as the kitties

  3. Wow, You guys are doing an amazing job~! Just Terrific. God bless you and I have to say that when you look at tiny little kittens that survived and are doing well it’s truly a Miracle~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*)

  4. I am looking for a Munchkin kitten. I don’t care what color. I would like a female. She would be coming to a nice clean loving home.I just lost my puppy and need a little companion.

  5. I live in Sheldon, Mo. I live about 50 miles from you. If u can’t reach me by email my phone # is 417 684 0523. I am very interested.

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