Cats and Guitars Art Show Comes to Downtown Phoenix

Image source: Stine Kaasa
Image source: Stine Kaasa

There’s a different type of art show debuting in Phoenix, and it’s one that is likely to draw a varied crowd. The “Cats & Guitars Art Show” is scheduled to debut at the Chartreuse Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona on New Year’s Day.

The unusual display is thanks to the efforts of Phoenix author and cat lover Kate Benjamin. Benjamin currently has 11 cats, and is avidly involved in rescuing cats. Benjamin’s love of cats led her to create, a website which features product reviews and tips on creating an environment which is cat-friendly. The website relaunched in 2013 as Benjamin also makes products for cats and cat lovers.

It was Benjamin’s marriage to guitarist Mark Allred which prompted the creation of the Cats & Guitars Art Show. The couple held their reception at the Chartreuse Gallery, and learned that the exhibit space would be vacant in January.

Benjamin also noticed the undeniable connection between cats and guitars. Many guitarists and luthiers (people who repair stringed instruments) love cats.

The idea for a one-of-a-kind exhibit was born, and Benjamin set about making it happen. She searched sites such as Flickr, Instagram, and Etsy to find images which included references to both cats and guitars. The collection will include about 40 pieces from a wide variety of artists, including artists from as far away as Hong Kong and Norway.

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