Preparations Under Way for Kitten Bowl VI

What is better than a kitten? MORE kittens which is perhaps no better demonstrated that with Hallmark’s annual Kitten Bowl and practice has begun for the 2019 event. Aligned with the NFL’s Super Bowl, Kitten Bowl gives cat fans an alternative to game day television that is fraught with cuteness.

Cats Cradle Documentary Captures Senior “Cats Heaven” on Earth

Napolitano’s documentary explores the senior feline rescue in a couple’s home created to save (mostly senior) cats abandoned from owner sickness or death.

Kitten Rescued from Police Car has New Home

A kitten got into a bit of a pickle in a McDonald’s parking lot including getting into a police vehicle. Cocoa Beach Firefighters were able to extract the little guy, who has found a new home with the employee in whose car the escapade began. His new name? Why, “Mickey D,” of course.