Good Grooming Will Run in this Family as Queer Eye Star Adopts Pair of Kittens

  Known for his expertise in the area of grooming, one of the stars of the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye took a big shine to a pair of kittens. KC Pet Project posts Queer Eye star’s kittens adoption KC Pet Project posted the following status about the adoption: “What’s better than adopting one kitten? Two … Read more

Dog Saves Kitten Fallen into Hole in Wall

As to Ralphie, hard to say if he has learned his lesson or not from his adventure, but good to know the fine folks of Dublin are looking out for their furry four-legged friend. And so, too, are the dogs.

Evacuated North Carolina Animal Shelter Needs Help

  As prepared as they had tried to be for Hurricane Florence, the Carteret County Humane Society was in trouble.  The facility was taking on water. The roof was in danger of caving in. They were in need of immediate help to move the 123 cats and dogs and three staff members to a safe location. Calling … Read more