This Felony Will Make You Go “Awwwwww”

A South Dakota Sheriff’s Department is trying to find a home for what they are referring to as their “littlest inmate.” Kitten does not have a record The Moody County Sheriff’s Office decided that posting a mugshot on their Facebook page may do some justice in finding the kitten a new home.  Turns out it … Read more

Puddles the Fishing Cat has a Real Splash

Nothing is nearly as fun as watching a kitten play. Unless it is a kitten playing in water. In his new pool. And his name is Puddles. Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden make a splash for their little resident When staff create enrichment opportunities for the animals under human care, there is the evergreen … Read more

Good Grooming Will Run in this Family as Queer Eye Star Adopts Pair of Kittens

  Known for his expertise in the area of grooming, one of the stars of the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye took a big shine to a pair of kittens. KC Pet Project posts Queer Eye star’s kittens adoption KC Pet Project posted the following status about the adoption: “What’s better than adopting one kitten? Two … Read more