Sad Update: 30 lb Cat Passes Just 19 Days After Adoption

“I’m just really glad he got to have his last days in a loving home. We were there for him as much as he was for us. Hard to walk into our house and not have him greet us at the door.”

New UK Law: Mothers of Kittens & Puppies Must be Present to be Sold in Pet Shops

There is big money being made, literally, from the wombs of poorly treated and neglected animals. The new UK law requiring mothers to be shown alongside offspring before a sale is a step in the right direction.

Very Hairy Cat Dumped at Shelter has 4.5 Pounds of Fur Removed

  He was dumped at the front door of Douglas County Animal Care & Services (NV). Shoved into a carrier so small he couldn’t turn around. Abandoned, with no explanation. He was so matted and dirty that staff at the shelter didn’t even know he was a cat until he was extracted. A tangled mess and … Read more

Overweight Kitties Find Forever Homes and Better Health

Big cats seem in abundance of late as Bruno, Meatloaf and Chubbs have all had their time in the spotlight. Each of these kitties captured the attention of folks across the nation because they were big. Too big, with the leanest of the trio weighing in at 25 pounds. Bruno, the Internet Sensation Now Has … Read more

Corgi Who Lost Her Litter Adopts Kitten

Irma lost a litter of seven puppies at birth. Her owner, Johanna, noticed a dramatic change in the dog’s mood and decided to see if she might be able to help. Adopting a kitten, Johanna hoped the tiny addition to their home would help Irma get back to being her old self. And it seems … Read more