Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Curious about whether your cat can eat dog food or not? Then this is the perfect guide for you. When you have both a cat and dog as pets, it’s important to keep in mind that even though they both may share the same home and similar looks, they’re not the same species. Meaning that … Read more

Dog’s Blood Used to Save Kitten’s Eye

Cloudy was playing when what ordinarily would have been a simple scratch became so serious, he was in danger of losing an eye. That is, until the dog blood.

Evacuated North Carolina Animal Shelter Needs Help

  As prepared as they had tried to be for Hurricane Florence, the Carteret County Humane Society was in trouble.  The facility was taking on water. The roof was in danger of caving in. They were in need of immediate help to move the 123 cats and dogs and three staff members to a safe location. Calling … Read more