Evacuated North Carolina Animal Shelter Needs Help

  As prepared as they had tried to be for Hurricane Florence, the Carteret County Humane Society was in trouble.  The facility was taking on water. The roof was in danger of caving in. They were in need of immediate help to move the 123 cats and dogs and three staff members to a safe location. Calling … Read more

Cats and Dogs Can Now Enjoy Happy Hour

  To preface this story, please note there is no alcohol used in the making of the product discussed below and it has been carefully crafted to be something safe that cats and dogs will enjoy. We all love our pets and often find ourselves amused by their antis.  Take catnip, for example. An herb … Read more

2-Legged Kitten Knows How to Get Around

Already missing his back legs from below the knee when rescued, it may seem like his life had the best start, but this guy is nothing short of being a miracle.