Cat With Bad Rap Foils Burglary

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(KOMO News)

They’re not sure if he’s a hero or just timid, but Strider the cat foiled a burglary. “I didn’t know the cat had it in him,” Barb Gansberg of Olympia, Washington told  KOMO News. “He’s a hero for the time being,” said her husband, Kerry Gansberg.

Barb Gansberg was alone Tuesday morning and getting ready for work when Strider appeared and tried to sneak into the bedroom–something he is forbidden to do. “He’s looking at me and I thought, ‘What the heck is wrong with you?’ And he sat right here [outside the door, in the hallway].”

(KOMO News)

Strider’s demeanor told her that something was wrong, according to the report on KOMO. She dashed into the living area and found two burglars. One of them was holding her purse.  “So I just yelled, ‘Hey!’ And off they went,”  she said. The pair only made it one block before the police arrested them, according to Gabe Cohen of KOMO.

(KOMO News)

Turns out that Strider has been getting a bad rap. “Well, he’s fat and he’s lazy,” said Kerry Gansberg.  “He’s kind of a pain in the rump. He’ll just stare at you and meow.”  Strider did get an extra helping of tuna for his efforts. Maybe the Gansbergs should consider letting him into the bedroom at night in case there’s a fire.

(KOMO News)


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