Cat Who Ate $1,000 Worth of Fish Is Memorialized

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cat fish

In December of 2014, a stray cat wandered into the Vladivostok International Airport in Russia. This cat made his way to the fish shop, climbed into the display container, and ate $1,000 worth of fish. Then, he disappeared.

The cat eventually emerged again, still in the airport, and still homeless. But news of the cat was spreading, and he was offered a home by the Communist Party. The head of the St Petersburg Communists, Sergey Malinkovich, admired the way the cat sabotaged the bourgeois by splurging on the costly fish, even when so many travelers could barely afford a tea in the expensive airport.

However, the cat would not call the Communist Party home. He was adopted by a local hockey team, which named him Matroskin. Matroskin lived in the hockey arena for the rest of his life, and just recently passed away. The team has just announced that a statue will be placed outside the arena in honor of Matroskin, the cat who just didn’t take no for an answer.

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