Cat vs Alligator

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This video from 2010 showing a very brave and bold kitty is making the rounds again and we decided to share it this time around.  People on the Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in New Orleans captured footage of a cat standing up to an alligator at water’s edge and ultimately sending him back down into the water.

What do you think the people witnessing the action did about it? Did they step in to try to drive off the alligator and remove the cat from harms way, or did they just stand there laughing and making sure the camera was turned on? Next question,  what kind of people were they and WTF were they thinking!?

Anyway, kudos to the brave yet unknowingly foolhardy little cat with the chutzpah. We hope this was his last such incident with a gator.

6 thoughts on “Cat vs Alligator”

  1. I think it’s cruel that the people watching this cat & aligator don’t seem concerned that this poor cat could be bitten or eaten by this aligator!

  2. This tour company has been warned and fined several times about feeding gators…… Just down the Pearl river from there a boy lost an arm to just such a gator that lost and arm to a gator that lost it’s natural fear of people from being hand fed.

  3. Be sure to let that company know what so many people think of them – and the guests who did the laughing at the cat.

    Do send a complaint to wildlife department along with a link to this video.

  4. This act of cruelty (yes, it is cruelty to just stand by and let the cat possibly be eaten by the alligator) says more about the people who laughed and did nothing, than any thing. it takes about 2 seconds to size a person up…….how they feel about animals.

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