Cat Versus Human: Comics from the Frontline

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If you own a cat, it helps to have a sense of humor. Cats can be exasperating, but they are also essential to life as we know it–something Yasmine Surovec captures in her Cat Versus Human comic series.

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Surovec knows felines. “I’ve had cats most of my life,” she told I think they are such characters–each with a very unique personality. So a lot of the scenarios illustrated in my comics are definitely from my everyday experiences with cats (and cat people).”

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Surovec has a sense of humor about herself as well. “I’ve been told that I’m socially inept and that I have the personality of a blank piece of paper,” she says on her Website. “Thank god for the internet.” Her comics are alternately endearing and unnerving, but always insightful, like this one about sharing a chair with a cat.

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Or this one about spending New Year’s Eve at home with your kitties.

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Generally speaking, in the ongoing cat vs. human conflict, it’s the cat who wins, which means everybody wins.

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Surovec lives in Phoenix, Arizona and is also the author of Cat Vs. Human Fairy Tails and I See Kitty, both of which are available on Amazon. For more information and fabulous comics, check out her Website and Facebook page.

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