Cat Turns Up Alive After Burial

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An emotional sendoff to the Rainbow Bridge turns into a case of mistaken identity for one UK woman and her feline companion.

Pub-owner Janet Mancini of Bedford was heartbroken when she identified a deceased cat as her own sweet, 14-year-old Louis.  Upon believing Louis had indeed made his journey to the Bridge, Mancini set about notifying regular bar patrons; you see, Louis was a fixture at the pub, a mascot of sorts, and the regulars had come to adore him.  In fact, he’d been the pub-cat for so long, Mancini even called the previous pub-owner to relay the devastating news.

There were tears and heartfelt words as everyone gathered around the tiny grave at Louis’ burial ceremony in Mancini’s backyard. After the funeral, the group moved to a local dining establishment to further commemorate the beloved kitty’s life.  No one could have predicted the jaw-dropping moment that occurred during dinner.

As Mancini and her friends were recounting the bevy of wonderful memories surrounding their furry friend’s life, the chef ran into the dining room…holding Louis, who appeared very much alive and well!  Joy, laughter, and unadulterated shock permeated the room as guests saw their “back from the dead” friend with their own eyes.

Mancini was, of course, was beside herself lovely Louis had returned and the cat they’d just buried was a case of mistaken identity. Although she was aware that meant someone else had lost their companion, she knew that he’d received a loving farewell as he made his way to the Rainbow Bridge.

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  1. OMG! the same thing happen to me! my cat is ginger and white, my neighbour told me he’d seen a cat being hit by a car, we went and I thought it was my cat, so we picked up the dead cat and buried it… I was in tears, just as we’d finished burying the cat, I looked up and my cat was looking down on us from the wall… twilight zone moment.. another paw tale to bore people with at dinner parties! by chance i found out who owned the dead cat, weird knocking on a strangers door to tell them i’d just buried their pet in my garden…

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