Cat Travels Over 250 Miles Trapped In Car Engine

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Image source: SWNS
Image source: SWNS

Phileas Mogg, a black cat of unknown age, is lucky to be alive. He traveled more than 250 miles while trapped in a car engine – and he also went through a car wash.

Colin Woodward began driving his Audi A4 from Cheshire, UK, driving to Wrexham and Gloucestershire before ending his journey near Bristol, four days later. He traveled approximately 250 miles during the trip.

At the beginning of his trip, Woodward thought that he’d heard meowing, but lifting his car’s hood and inspecting the engine revealed nothing amiss. However, when he arrived at his final destination, he heard meowing again. This time, Woodward lifted the car hood to discover a cat trapped between the front wheel and the headlight of his car.

Image source: SWNS
Image source: SWNS

Said Woodward, “I felt so sorry for him. I have been driving all over the place since Wednesday, I had no idea he was in there, I’m just relieved he survived.

“I left the bonnet open overnight to see if he would come out but when he didn’t I called the RSPCA and the AA for help.”

The undertray of Woodward’s car had to be removed to rescue the cat. The cat, nicknamed Phileas Mogg, had burned paws from the ordeal, but was otherwise in good shape.

Phileas Mogg’s owner has not yet been identified, and Phileas is currently at the Bristol RSPCA clinic. One thing’s for certain – it’s a good thing cats have nine lives, because Phileas has certainly used up one or two of his.

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