Cat tossed into dumpster in her carrier is rescued by father and son

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The owner of a modular home park in upstate New York rescued an abandoned and discarded cat from the cold last Monday, March 2.

James Windburn, owner of the Green Meadows modular home park in Lyon, Wayne County, found the cat, who’d been thrown into a dumpster in her cat carrier.

Jason says this is not the first time an abandoned cat has turned up on the property. “This is a regular occurrence at Green Meadows. I’d say 3-6 times a year this happens. People know this is a nice park, so they just assume someone will take care of them.”

He wonders why and how someone callously would throw the crated cat into a dumpster in sub freezing weather.

Jason’s son, Cory, dumpster-dived to get the cat. The father and son rescuers noticed that the cat looked healthy and say she was extremely grateful to be rescued.

“It was obviously somebody’s pet,” said Jason.

“We’re a nice community here. Our residents are not allowed to have outside cats, but people feel they can just drop cats off here for some reason,” he continued.

Jason took the cat and carrier to Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, in Monroe County. Adrienne McHargue,Director of Communications and Outreach  at Lollypop Farm, said the cat is a female, about seven years old, spayed and declawed on both front and back paws.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.


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  1. poor declawed kitty! aside from the abuse of this surgery she had to have this happen. hope they can find out who did it!

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