Cat Survives Collapse of Burning Hotel

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A lucky cat was very upset but unharmed when he went down with a burning building that collapsed early last Thursday morning.

An onlooker shooting video at the scene of a fire at a venerable hotel in Dauphin, Manitoba captured the action when, a little black and white cat appeared in the frame of an opening a second before the building collapsed onto the sidewalk. Firefighters and others at the scene were surprised and relieved to see kitty running from the wreckage.

Kitty, whose name is Sylvester,  was taken to Dauphin Vet Clinic to be checked out. Other than being very distressed, and suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation, he was unharmed. Sylvester was reunited with his owner, who is thought to be one of several residents living in the hotel before its collapse.

The RCMP has taken a man into custody in connection with the fire.

Here is David Katcsma’s video of Sylvester at the scene of the Towers Hotel fire and collapse: Sylvester can be seen toward the left before the collapse.




3 thoughts on “Cat Survives Collapse of Burning Hotel”

  1. How/why could that woman not pick up the obviously terrified cat and offer it some feeling of being safe and comforted?!!! Xxx

  2. I was thinking the same thing…why didn’t she pick him up…he was obviously looking for comfort…hopefully the fireman caught up with him and helped the poor kitty. Glad he made it out …

  3. very luck guy but some people have to learn to scruff cats! i would have grabbed him he was obviously not going to scratch her but she could have scruffed him to see how he was going to act.

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