Cat survives California wildfire to be reunited with her family

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A couple returning to their fire devastated home found their cat, who survived miraculously unscathed, under a burned out truck.

The couple, who lost their home and belongings in the current massive Northern California wildfires, found their cat when they returned to their property after being forced out by the fire.

Hayfork residents Debi and Jeff Brusatori tried to take their cat Ruthie Rosemary with them when they were forced to leave their home as the spreading Fork Complex fire threatened but the cat panicked and escaped, and they had to leave her behind. When the couple returned five days later they were met with a scene of utter devastation that contained a remarkable discovery. Ruthie Rosemary had miraculously survived, unscathed but for singed whiskers.

Despite his own losses, Jeff, a volunteer firefighter, has been at his post helping to save other peoples’ homes.

The U.S. Forest Service – Shasta-Trinity National Forest shared the heartwarming reunion story at Facebook Saturday, writing:

Ruthie Rosemary the cat survives wildfire!

Out of devastation comes a heartwarming story about a family pet thought to be lost to the flames of a Fork Complex fire.

Debi and Jeff Brusatori of Hayfork were forced out of their home due to encroaching fire. Ruthie Rosemary, a 3 to 4 year old Calico Tabby, was loaded up but jumped out of the car and sadly, had to be left behind. When they returned to their severely burned property about 5 days later, they heard a familiar mew coming from a burned over truck. It was Ruthie Rosemary! She was found under the truck, though where she hid during the fire is anyone’s guess. The fire was so intense that aluminum parts of the vehicles melted. Other than singed whiskers and eyebrows, little Ruthie Rosemary is unharmed.

Thanks to Andy Lyon, Public Information Officer on the Fork Complex, for bringing this story to our attention!








2 thoughts on “Cat survives California wildfire to be reunited with her family”

  1. Praise God The Lord kept their cat both alive & unharmed, and was happily reunited with her humans ! Thanks be to God !

  2. Debi and Jeff, I am so happy your companion made it through the fire. My four companions did not make it through a kitchen fire, and I was left with many more smoke-damaged possessions than you seem to have left. What I wouldn’t give to have my kitties by my side again… Good for you.

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