Cat Survives 60 Mile Ride Atop RV Trailer

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Max the cat is back home, safe and sound, after a harrowing journey spent clinging for dear life to the top of a travel trailer during a 60 mile ride on March 27. His trip began at his home in Plymouth, California and brought him to Camping World RV dealership in Roseville, 60 miles and an hour’s ride away.

The frightened cat was discovered by an employee checking the trailer after it was delivered to the dealership. Max was tucked behind the air conditioning unit atop the large camper and was rescued by Andrew Weston, a Camping World manager.

Mr. Weston is a self-described cat lover, who was able to bring the cat down from the unit’s roof.

“[He] was wedged behind an air conditioner and had a satellite dome in front of it, so that kind of gave him some protection there. So it’s sitting there, looking terrified and mad at the world,” Mr. Weston said.

“It gives me a meow, so I give it a meow back,” Max’s rescuer said about dealing with the stressed out cat.

Max spent the day recuperating at Camping World and was driven back home in a cat carrier at the end of the day.

“So many chances for that cat to die that day and what a happy ending,” Mr. Weston said.



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