Cat Stuck in Tube Is Freed By Firefighters

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A cat in China got himself into quite the predicament and needed some help from local firefighters. The pet cat had gotten frightened, then ran into a long metal tube which was part of a basketball hoop stand. Unfortunately, the cat got completely trapped in the tube, unable to even wiggle.

cat-rescue cat-rescue-2

The cat’s owner called the fire department, and firefighters tried a number of different ways to get the cat out. However, when the cat cried out in fear or in pain, their attempts had to be abandoned. As a last resort, the firefighters used a metal saw to cut the tube open. The cat was freed – the whole rescue only took about ten minutes – and took off, likely very relieved to be out of the tube.

cat-rescue-3 cat-rescue-4

Generally a cat’s whiskers will alert it when a space is too small for it to fit through. However, given that the cat was frightened when he ran into the tube, he may have ignored the warnings from his whiskers and got himself into a very tight spot.

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