Cat Stole My Pants

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Dennis “Cat Burglar” Newman stars in a CCTV compilation video showing him at work bringing his treasures home and through the cat flap. He is also the featured subject in a TV program segment.

When not busy stealing the neighbors’ household goods, Dennis sponsors Bedfordshire Homeless Cat Rescue. His biography at their site says:

I’m Denis Cat Burglar Newman and I am Homeless Cat Rescue’s sponsor.
I prowl around the Stopsley area in Luton, collecting items to bring home for my mummy and have become somewhat of a celebrity.  However, life has not always been this easy for me.

My cat mummy was a stray and gave birth to me, my brothers and sisters outside. Luckily somebody found us and took us to a rescue centre. Mummy was very sick so couldn’t take care of us anymore, that’s when I was adopted by my human mummy, when I was only six weeks old. That was in December 2010.

Sadly my cat mummy passed away and so did all but one of my siblings, so I know how important it is to help cat rescue charities.

I am pleased to say that I have put my old life behind me, and I am very happy with a human mummy who loves me very much, and my other feline friends who I live with; although I do have a permanent wheezy chest due to my bad start.

CCTV footage of the cat burglar bringing home his treasures:


Denis – The Collectomania Cat – The One Show’ – A Real ‘Cat’ Burglar!

The One Show did a feature on Denis. To illustrate the feature, they gave Denis a catcam tracker and conducted a study on his hunting area and his habits. The hostess and Denis’ mom then try to return the stolen items. We get to see the pilfered pants of the title … a little pair of mini sweats with cats on them.

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